Corey Wilmes Elected as 2019 MQHRA President

The Minnesota Quarter Horse Racing Association is pleased to announce that Corey Wilmes has been elected President of the MQHRA for 2019.


Corey joined the MQHRA Board of Directors in 2017 and was appointed as a member of the Quarter Horse Breeders’ Fund Advisory Committee in 2018.


Please join us in welcoming Corey to his role at MQHRA. For those of you who have not yet met Corey, we have included his brief autobiography:


My name is Corey Wilmes, I’m 48 years old and reside in Henderson, MN.  I’ve been involved with horses for the majority of my life since I was a child. I began trail riding, gaming, and trimming horses for fun and entertainment.


Since growing up on a farm, I was introduced to horses at a young age. My parents were avid competitors of horse racing; therefore, I began my passion in the industry as well. I started my journey by working as a hot walker, for Vick Padilla, the year Canterbury opened its doors. Then I became a groom for Doug Oliver for two to three summers. During this time, I graduated high school and entered into college to start my career.


Along with college, came many experiences; I traveled the world for many years and pursed deeper into my career. During this time, my sister married Edward Ross Hardy, which got our family into racing quarter horses. With reintroducing horses into my life, I raced a few quarter horses off and on as time permitted. In 2013 I decided to pour more of my passion into racing quarter horses and having fun doing so. Today, I take the racing industry very serious and have broaden my horizons by breeding brood mares while also having some foals here in Minnesota. I also own both quarter horses and thoroughbreds. Most recently, I’ve sat on the Board of Directors for MQHRA for the past few years and now officially elected as president for 2019.


I am very excited about the 2019 racing season and many more seasons to come. Thank you for the opportunity and the support.